Training Prices

David & Chanda's Package Discounts:

8 sessions/month- $300
12 sessions/month- $425
Full Training/month- $700

All Instructors
Pay per session- $40


Training at Brier Bank Farm is done by all instructors. They focus on the individual and different needs of each horse and/or horse and rider combination. At Brier Bank Farm, we realize that every horse is different and comes with a different set of needs; therefore there is no 'singular' training plan for all horses. We can work with any type of horse, no matter what issues are present, and we welcome owners to share their goals with us for their horses.

If you have an older horse that needs reconditioning, our dressage training can do wonders, which is based on classical principles that have been taught in European schools for centuries. If you have a young horse that needs to be started under saddle the same classical principles will create a willing, athletic partner. If you believe in a more natural approach to riding and starting a horse we also can work with you to strengthen you and your horses knowledge in this way as well. We can also provide training services for clients looking to sell a horse.

Gay specializes in horses training 2nd level Dressage and above. David specializes in training young horses. Chanda specializes in a natural approach to training horses. Contact us for more information on how we can best help your invdividual situation.

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